Verification of single-person access in a mantrap portal using RGB-D images

AuthorSiegmund, Dirk; Wainakh, Aidmar; Braun, Andreas
TypeConference Paper
AbstractAutomatic entrance systems are increasingly gaining importance to guarantee security in e.g. critical infrastructure. A pipeline is presented which verifies that only a single, authorized subject can enter a secured area. Verification scenarios are carried out by using a set of RGB-D images. Features, invariant to rotation and pose are used and classified by different metrics to be applied in real-time. The performance was evaluated by using scenarios in which the system was attacked by a second subject. The results show that the presented approach outerperforms competitive methods. It concludes with a summary of strengths and weaknesses and gives an outlook for future work.
ConferenceWorkshop de Visão Computacional (WVC) 2016