Verification of Sitter Identity Across Historical Portrait Paintings by Confidence-aware Face Recognition

AuthorHuber, Marco; Terhörst, Philipp; Luu, Anh Thi; Damer, Naser; Kirchbuchner, Florian
TypeConference Paper
AbstractVerifying the identity of a person (sitter) portrayed in a historical painting is often a challenging but critical task in art historian research. In many cases, this information has been lost due to time or other circumstances and today there are only speculations of art historians about which person it could be. Art historians often use subjective factors for this purpose and then infer from the identity information about the person depicted in terms of his or her life, status, and era. On the other hand, automated face recognition has achieved a high level of accuracy, especially on photographs, and considers objective factors to determine the identity or verify a suspected identity. The limited amount of data, as well as the domain-specific challenges, make the use of automated face recognition methods in the domain of historic paintings difficult. We propose a specialized, likelihood-based fusion method to enable deep learning-based face recognition on historic portrait paintings. We additionally propose a method to accurately determine the confidence of the made decision to assist art historians in their research. For this purpose, we used a model trained on common photographs and adapted it to the domain of historical paintings through transfer learning. By using an underlying challenge dataset, we compute the likelihood for the assumed identity against reference images of the identity and fuse them to utilize as much information as possible. From these results of the likelihoods fusion, we then derive decision confidence to make statements to determine the certainty of the model’s decision. The experiments were carried out in a leave-one-out evaluation scenario on our created database, the largest authentic database of historic portrait paintings to date, consisting of over 760 portrait paintings of 210 different sitters by over 250 different artists. The experiments demonstrated, that a) the proposed approach outperforms pure face recognition solutions, b) the fusion approach effectively combines the sitter information towards a higher verification accuracy, and c) the proposed confidence estimation approach is highly successful in capturing the estimated accuracy of the decision. The meta-information of the used historic face images can be found at
ConferenceInternational Conference on Pattern Recognition 2022
ProjectNext Generation Biometric Systems