Visual Analytics for Urban Data Analysis

AuthorBurmeister, Jan; Liao, Jilin; Yang, Jieqing; Wei, Qingtian; Wang, Kexin
AbstractThe VAST 2022 Challenge 1 put us in place of an urban planning analyst for the fictitious city Engagement, Ohio. Given a large, interlinked dataset of its citizens, businesses and activities, we were tasked to assemble a summary of the state of Engagement to serve as basis for future investments. We present a visual analytics application to interactively explore this complex dataset using a combination of dashboards and a 2D/3D map. Our application uses interactive visualizations to iteratively build and analyze subgroups, sync their abstract data with spatial positions, and detect clusters and patterns in the data.
ConferenceIEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST Challenge Workshop) 2022