Web-based Prostate Visualization Tool

AuthorOyarzun Laura, Cristina; Hartwig, Katrin; Hertlein, Anna-Sophia; Jung, Florian; Burmeister, Jan; Kohlhammer, Jörn; Wesarg, Stefan; Sauter, Guido
TypeJournal Article
AbstractProper treatment of prostate cancer is essential to increase the survival chance. In this sense, numerous studies show how important the communication between all stakeholders in the clinic is. This communication is difficult because of the lack of conventions while referring to the location where a biopsy for diagnosis was taken. This becomes even more challenging taking into account that experts of different fields work on the data and have different requirements. In this paper a web-based communication tool is proposed that incorporates a visualization of the prostate divided into 27 segments according to the PI-RADS protocol. The tool provides2 working modes that consider the requirements of radiologist and pathologist while keeping it consistent. The tool comprises all relevant information given by pathologists and radiologists, such as, severity grades of the disease or tumor length. Everything is visualized using a colour code for better undestanding.