ATHENE scientist Prof. Haya Shulman is the coordinator of the "Real Lab for Modern Cybersecurity in Research Institutions" (AIGIS) project, in which two research institutions are being used as examples to demonstrate what modern cybersecurity architecture can look like. To this end, the researchers are developing a requirements analysis for the construction of an exemplary zero-trust architecture and its evaluation in a real laboratory. To this end, representative substructures in the form of networks, central infrastructures and various institutes will first be selected in both research institutions and analyzed with regard to their requirements. Based on this, the researchers will develop an appropriate, modern cybersecurity architecture.

The collaborative coordinator of the project is Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. The project is led by Prof. Haya Shulman, who holds a LOEWE top professorship in the Department of Computer Science at Goethe University, heads the Analytics Based Cybersecurity research area in ATHENE and the Cybersecurity Analytics and Defences CAD department at Fraunhofer SIT. 


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