ATHENE on the MS Wissenschaft


MS Wissenschaft starts its tour of Germany today. Around 30 interactive exhibits are on board, inviting to touch and explore. Also on board is an exhibit from ATHENE | Fraunhofer SIT about the darknet. Under the motto 'Darknet - heller als gedacht', the predominantly young visitors will learn what exactly the darknet is and that it is not only criminals who operate in the Darknet. The darknet is also used to surf the Internet anonymously and to avoid being tracked by the advertising industry. And people who are politically persecuted or fear repression in their home countries use the darknet to read uncensored news or organise anonymously.

The motto of the Science Year 2024 is "Freedom", which fits in perfectly with the 75th anniversary of the German constitution. The various exhibits on board the MS Wissenschaft are dedicated to this theme and invite visitors to explore different facets of freedom. Between May and September, the ship will sail from Berlin to around 30 large and small cities in Germany.

More information about the die MS Wissenschaft and this year's den tour schedule as well as background information about the ATHENE-exhibit on the darknet.

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