Best Paper Award for ATHENE researchers at ARES 2020


Oren Halvani, Lukas Graner and Roey Regev of the Fraunhofer SIT received the Best Paper Award at the Workshop Digital Forensics (WSDF2020) during the ARES conference 2020.

In their paper TAVeer – An Interpretable Topic-Agnostic Authorship Verification Method, they introduced an authorship verification process (AV) that reviews and verifies whether a specified person has in fact written an anonymous letter or rather confirms whether a text actually stems from the stated author. This is relevant for cases in suspicion of plagiarism for example.

TAVeer, developed by Oren Halvani, Lukas Graner and Roey Regev, demonstrates a process that focusses exclusively on the writing style. The AV process analyses various elements of texts, for instance specific beginnings of sentences, idioms, frequently used word chains, contractions and the like. Based on a multitude of characteristic evidence, TAVeer can evaluate whether the person in question has written the text or not.

The process by the three text forensics experts differs from many other existing AV approaches, since the utilised elements are analysed independently from the content of the texts. Many existing processes can be misled through differing thematics in the texts that are to be analysed. TAVeer, on the contrary, can be applied to texts with contrasting topics without contorting the verification results, as shown by the authors in their publication.

Further information:

Presentation of the award recipients at the Workshop Digital Forensics (WSDF2020)
Paper A Step Towards Interpretable Authorship Verification - openly accessible download version
 ARES2020 took place from 25 to 28 August 2020 as a digital event. ATHENE researchers presented multiple papers at the main conference and several workshops (see article).

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