Demand for support from StartUpSecure is rising despite Corona


A quick update

For two and a half years, subsidy program StartUpSecure | ATHENE has been actively consulting businesses in every aspect about the topic of startups in the IT industry. The very same is true for the homonymous subsidy program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Looking back as well as forward, the members of the subsidy program can deliver a generally positive summary. As of now, their consultations, their numerous workshops and events as well as their overall support options are well called on services. Even in times of Corona, this demand has not declined. Currently, seven startup projects are being supported by the BMBF. TU Darmstadt alumni and researchers are involved in four of these alone. More projects are expected for 2020.

The subsidy program StartUpSecure of the BMBF supports new startups in two phases: in the first development phase (phase I), the focus lies on technical realization of the business idea and and ensuring its compatibility within the economy. The second phase (phase II) consists of the market launch of the product or the service. Back in 2019, three product ideas from Darmstadt received the support from the subsidy program StartUpSecure: ProChain von PERUN (phase I), Lifetime by IT-Seal and QuantiCor (phase II). Meshcloud has also been profiting from the support for its project MultiSecure since this year, as well as Synamic Technologies from the Rhine Main Area with its project PatchPilot. Additionally, the subsidy program has received attention nationally in Germany and supported startups such as Enginsight from Jena and Confidential Technologies from Braunschweig with their successful applications for the subsidy program.

The team of StartUpSecure is a central contact point for all concerns regarding the subsidy program and it accompanied all seven projects closely in their application process and beyond. Thanks to the great demand for the consulting appointments, further consultancy services will be offered by StartUpSecure for the rest of the year, specifically for innovative projects in the field of IT security. Even or especially in times of corona, the extensive offer of StartUpSecure support is utilised well.

StartUpSecure | ATHENE offers online consulting appointments every month

Every first Monday of the month, the StartUpSecure team offers consulting appointments between 2 and 3pm or by arrangement, specifying in start-ups in the IT security industry, for free and confidential. Due to current circumstances, the appointment only takes place via telephone. More information on appointments can be found here.

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