Cyber Range Training


Preparing security teams for cyber attacks

The next real attack shows how well your IT team is prepared for an emergency - or a day on a cyber range, a hyper-realistic attack simulation. Here, IT teams can be put into realistic attack situations, the team behavior in stressful situations can be tested and security competencies can be improved. Fraunhofer SIT combines one of the world's leading simulation platforms with current research results and innovative start-up ideas to a new type of training program - the Fraunhofer Cyber Range.

The program is based on a virtual representation of a company or Scada network and simulates different real-time attacks with realistic kill chain scenarios. The scenarios are based on real attacks and are extremely detailed, so that the participants can test the emergency according to their role in the company. The speed and complexity can be adjusted to adapt the attacks to the teams' level of experience. Both the scenarios and the solution concepts tested there are based on the current state of applied security research. The training courses on the Cyber Range are supplemented by next-generation attack scenarios, SOC insights from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's Security Operation Center and an innovative solution radar.

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