An efficient steganographic approach for protecting communication in the Internet of Things (IoT) critical infrastructures

AuthorKumar Bairagi, A.; Khondoker, R.; Islam, R.
TypeJournal Article
AbstractWith the manifestation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and fog computing, the quantity of edge devices is escalating exponentially all over the world, providing better services to the end user with the help of existing and upcoming communication infrastructures. All of these devices are producing and communicating a huge amount of data and control information around this open IoT environment. A large amount of this information contains personal and important information for the user as well as for the organization. The number of attack vectors for malicious users is high due to the openness, distributed nature, and lack of control over the whole IoT environment. For building the IoT as an effective service platform, end users need to trust the system. For this reason, security and privacy of information in the IoT is a great concern in critical infrastructures such as the smart home, smart city, smart healthcare, smart industry, etc.
PartInformation security journal, Vol.25 (2016), No.4-6, pp.197-212