Blockchain and smart contracts: Technologies, research issues and applications

AuthorSchütte, Julian; Fridgen, Gilbert; Prinz, Wolfgang; Rose, Thomas; Urbach, Nils; Hoeren, Thomas; Guggenberger, Nikolas; Welzel, Christian; Holly, Steffen; Schulte, Axel; Sprenger, Philipp; Schwede, Christian; Weimert, Birgit; Otto, Boris; Dalheimer, Mathias; Wenzel, Markus; Kreutzer, Michael; Fritz, Michael; Leiner, Ulrich; Nouak, Alexander; Prinz, Wolfgang (Ed.); Schulte, Axel T. (Ed.)
TypeReport, Electronic Publication
AbstractThis position paper analyzes blockchain technology from the scientific and application-oriented perspective of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It examines relevant technical aspects and related research questions. It shows that technology still has fundamental research and development challenges in all areas. These include, for example, the modularization of individual blockchain concepts as well as their combination and integration for application-specific blockchain solutions.
PublisherFraunhofer-Gesellschaft, München