Efficient Network Monitoring Applications in the Kernel with eBPF and XDP

AuthorAbranches, Marcelo; Michel, Oliver; Keller, Eric; Schmid, Stefan
TypeConference Paper
AbstractContinuous traffic monitoring and analytics are fundamental to the operation of today's networks. Network telemetry allows for performing fine-grained analytics on network flow or packet records for various use cases including intrusion detection and traffic engineering. While some analytics tasks can be offloaded to programmable switches, ultimately, telemetry data needs to be processed by analytics applications in software. These applications are highly specialized, and running many such applications concurrently to achieve high coverage is expensive. To reduce the resource footprint of software network analytics, we present a novel network monitoring primitive that consolidates logic which all monitoring applications require. The primitive can (partially) be offloaded to a SmartNIC and triggers applications only when required based on high-level traffic metrics, avoiding unnecessary and redundant computations. We identify eBPF and XDP as a natural fit for this task, and implement a prototype of our system on top of this novel technology. Our evaluation shows that the combination of conditional execution of analytics tasks and the use of modern packet I/O technologies not relying on expensive busy polling (e.g., as in DPDK) significantly reduces the resource footprint of performing continuous network analytics.
ConferenceConference on Network Functions Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (NFV-SDN) 2021