Minimum requirements for evaluating side-channel attack resistance of elliptic curve implementations

AuthorKasper, Michael; Petri, Richard; Feldhusen, Dirk; Gebhardt, Max; Illies, Georg; Lochter, Manfred; Stein, Oliver; Thumser, Wolfgang; Wicke, Guntram
TypeReport, Electronic Publication
AbstractThis document provides a guideline for security evaluators to test implementations of elliptic-curve cryptography over Fp for resistance against side-channel attacks with high attack potential according to version 3.1 of the Common Criteria (CC). This document gives the base line of minimum requirements and is not comprehensive. Penetration testing includes but is not limited to the attacks describe in this document. New developments can change the security of implementations and it is the responsibility of the security evaluators to keep their knowledge up to date.
PublisherBSI, Bonn