Receiving a Delgated Token, Issuiun a Delegated Token, Authenticating a Delegated User, and Issuing a User-Specific Token fo a Resource

AuthorDmitrienko, Alexandra; Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza; Wachsmann, Christian
TypePatent, Electronic Publication
AbstractSource: US2014365781A [EN] Some embodiments relate to a computer readable medium including a program code, which is configured, when running on a programmable hardware component, to receive a delegated token from a user's device, including receiving a signal indicative of at least the delegated user identifier and a delegating security pattern from the delegated user and including providing the device of the user with a signal indicative of at least a delegated user identifier, and a delegation challenge value. It is further configured to receive, from the device of the user, a signal indicative of at least, in an encrypted form, a delegated token, a user-specific token, a delegation authentication key, a user-specific delegation challenge value, and a delegation check value. The program code is further configured to store in the device of the delegated user the delegation authentication key, the delegated token, and the user-specific token.