Towards more robust fashion recognition by combining of deep-learning-based detection with semantic reasoning

AuthorReiz, Achim; Albadawi, Mohamad; Sandkuhl, Kurt; Vahl, Matthias; Sidin, Dennis
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe company FutureTV produces and distributes self-produced videos in the fashion domain. It creates revenue through the placement of relevant advertising. The placement of apposite ads, though, requires an understanding of the contents of the videos. Until now, this tagging is created manually in a labor-intensive process. We believe that image recognition technologies can significantly decrease the need for manual involvement in the tagging process. However, the tagging of videos comes with additional challenges: Preliminary, new deep-learning models need to be trained on vast amounts of data obtained in a labor-intensive data-collection process. We suggest a new approach for the combining of deep-learning-based recognition with a semantic reasoning engine. Through the explicit declaration of knowledge fitting to the fashion categories present in the training data of the recognition system, we argue that it is possible to refine the recognition results and win extra k nowledge beyond what is found in the neural net.
ConferenceSpring Symposium on Combining Machine Learning and Knowledge Engineering (AAAI-MAKE) 2021