Vorrichtung, System und Verfahren zur entfernten Inbesitznahme und Etablierung von Geheimnissen in Maschinen zu Maschinen Kommunikation

AuthorKuntze, Nicolai; Rudolph, Carsten; Larbig, Pedro
TypePatent, Electronic Publication
AbstractThe terminal (100) has a transmission unit (120) provided for sending and receiving messages. A crytographic unit (110) is provided for encoding and decoding of messages. The crytographic unit is arranged to decode encoded data of one of messages to obtain secret of a central server (150). A transmission unit is arranged to send another message to the central server based on the secret of the central server so that the end terminal decodes former message. The crytographic unit is arranged to implement verification of the former message based on signature. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a system comprising a terminal and a central server (2) a central server comprising a configuration server and an end-point manager (3) a method for establishing a secure connection (4) a computer program for implementing the method for establishing a secure connection.