Secure Autonomous Driving (SAD)

Protecting interconnected autonomous vehicles against cyber-attacks

Due to the increasing digitalization, more and more (semi-) autonomous vehicles are driving on our streets, and their number is rising. At the same time, the implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) increases, within the vehicle as well as for the communication with the external world, for example with other vehicles or the Internet. These complex interwoven systems offer a growing surface for cyber-attacks, which can result in severe economic damages or loss of reputation for manufacturers, in the infringement of a car owner’s privacy, or even potentially pose a threat to the lives of passengers and pedestrians.

In order to improve the security of autonomous vehicles, ATHENE is working on methods for an easier detection and prevention of cyber-attacks. For example, new security protocols for protecting on-board networks and IT-forensic processes are being developed to prove in a legally valid way whether the cause of a car crash was a failure in the car’s autopilot system or whether the vehicle was steered manually.