CAST/GI Promotionspreis IT-Sicherheit 2022 for alumna of TU Darmstadt


As part of of the conference “GI Sicherheit 2022”, the CAST/GI Promotionspreis IT-Sicherheit 2022, was awarded for the 11th time yesterday at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Three of the four nominees were graduates of TU Darmstadt and were supervised in their dissertation by professors involved in ATHENE. The first place was awarded to Dr. Kristina Hostáková.

[Translate to Englisch:] Dr. Kristina Hostáková

The jury recognized her dissertation “Foundations of Generalized State Channel Networks” as an outstanding contribution to improving the scalability of cryptocurrencies based on so-called payment channels. The thesis from 2020 was supervised by Prof. Sebastian Faust, who coordinates the Trustworthy Data Ecosystems (TRUDATA) research area in ATHENE. Since December 2020, Dr. Hostáková is a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich.

The other nominees for the award included Prof. Dr. Alena Naiakshina (Ruhr Uni-Bochum), and TU doctoral graduates Dr. Cristian-Alexandru Staicu (today CISPA – Helmholtz Center for Information Security) and Dr. Christian Weinert (today Royal Holloway, University of London). Dr. Staicu completed his thesis on “Enhancing the Security and Privacy of Full-Stack JavaScript Web Applications” in 2020, he was supervised by Prof. Dr. Guido Salvaneschi. Dr. Christian Weinert was nominated for his 2021 dissertation “Practical Private Set Intersection Protocols for Privacy-Preserving Applications”, which was was supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schneider.

About the CAST/GI Promotionspreis IT-Sicherheit
The Promotionspreis IT-Sicherheit, jointly offered by CAST e.V. and the Department "Sicherheit" of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., recognizes outstanding dissertations in the field of IT security. The award is given for dissertations that represent a step forward in IT security and for dissertations that increase the level of security in IT applications.

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