16.04.2024 | Juliane Krämer, University of Regensburg


Juliane Krämer is Professor of Data Security and Cryptography at the University of Regensburg. Previously, she was a junior research group leader and post doc at TU Darmstadt after completing her PhD in applied cryptography at TU Berlin. In her research, she deals with various aspects of post-quantum cryptography with a focus on the physical security of the methods.

On the physical security of multivariate signature schemes


Multivariate signature schemes are interesting for use cases where post-quantum security and short signatures are required. The schemes UOV and Rainbow are the most prominent representatives from this family. Due to its efficiency, Rainbow has attracted more attention of researchers than UOV over the last few years and it became a finalist in the third round of the NIST PQC standardization process. After a groundbreaking result regarding its security, however, it is no longer in the focus of current research and UOV has been submitted to the 4th round for signature schemes in the NIST process.

In this talk, Juliane Krämer will present a line of research that targets the physical security of UOV and Rainbow, i.e., their security with respect to side channel and fault attacks, and discuss some of the most relevant attack vectors for multivariate signature schemes.