Lecture series "Secure Critical Infrastructures": Developing Future Infrastructures in Participatory Processes - the Example of the Futurium (Berlin)

February 02, 2022, 04:15 pm – 05:55 pm

Dr. Karena Kalmbach from the Futurium Berlin will speak today about "Developing future infrastructures in participatory processes - the example of the Futurium (Berlin)". In the series of events, renowned experts from research institutions, companies, public authorities or operators of critical infrastructures will shed light on various critical infrastructures and their security challenges in their expert lectures. The lecture series is organised by the ATHENE scientists Prof. Matthias Hollick and Prof. Christian Reuter as well as Prof. Jens Ivo Engels from TU Darmstadt.

The event is open to Bachelor's and Master's students of the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Social and Historical Sciences, especially the International Studies/Peace and Conflict Studies programme, as well as (post-)doctoral students and researchers and all interested parties of TU Darmstadt. The event is also aimed at the interested public.

The lecture series takes place every Wednesday from 16:15 - 17:55 via Zoom.

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