Success for ATHENE researchers

Ten scientific contributions at cybersecurity-conference

Scientists from the research institutes Fraunhofer SIT and TU Darmstadt, which are involved in ATHENE, were able to place no less than ten papers at the "International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security", ARES for short. ARES sheds light on various aspects of security, with particular emphasis on the crucial link between availability, reliability and security.

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ATHENE researcher in the organizing team of the Computer Science in Cars Symposium

Prof. Christoph Krauß, head of the department Cyber-Physical Systems and Automotive Security at Fraunhofer SIT and Professor for Network Security at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, is one of the program co-chairs of the Science in Cars Symposium, CSCS for short.

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Digital passport photos only from now on

ATHENE researchers focus work on security of biometric passport photos

© Fraunhofer IGD

A few days ago, the German Federal Government ratified a law for more security concerning identification documents: going forward, for every new passport or identification card application, a digital passport photo has to be submitted. This is meant to make the process more forgery-proof. However, there is still a remaining risk, since frauds have discovered a new trick to elude border controls with fake identities: the so-called face-morphing, a method which enables the combination and superimposition of two faces over one another to create a new picture, which then strongly resembles two people at the same time. ATHENE researchers of the Fraunhofer IGD and the Hochschule Darmstadt are currently occupied with the detection, discovery and identification of face-morphing attacks, searching for solutions to make biometric passport photos more secure and unforgeable.

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Women power in IT

Dr. Haya Shulman speaks about her job in cybersecurity research

Women and IT – does that makes sense? German magazine COMPUTERWOCHE introduces technophile females holding their ground in various branches in the IT sector in their latest career booklet. Among them is ATHENE researcher Dr Haya Shulman of the Fraunhofer SIT. She speaks about her cybersecurity research and makes a comparison between career opportunities for women in Germany and her home country Israel.

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ATHENE researcher appointed for selection commission of the ERC Scientific Council

ATHENE researcher Prof Mira Mezini of TU Darmstadt was appointed member of the selection commission for the European Research Council ERC by Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth. The selection commission works to identify members for the renewal of their membership in the Scientific Council and to maintain a pool of candidates for future memberships.

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White Paper "Auswahl und Nutzung webbasierter Kommunikationsdienste in Zeiten von Corona"

ATHENE researchers propose requirements for data protection and data security in digital meeting tools

The recent corona pandemic has inspired many businesses to utilize web based communication tools for webinars, video conferences and matchmaking services in order to provide at-home communication and advanced training opportunities for their employees working from home. In their white paper “Auswahl und Nutzung webbasierter Kommunikationsdienste in Zeiten von Corona“, the Fraunhofer SIT data protection experts describe relevant requirements for appropriate data protection and security when choosing online tools.

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How to avoid hacker attacks on your own data

ATHENE researchers give advice on the television programme arte Xenius

© arte/Xenius

In a recent episode of the science television programme arte Xenius called "Cyber­sicher­heit - Wie wir Hacker­angriffe vermeiden", Dr. Steven Arzt of Fraunhofer SIT gives advice on how smartphone users can protect themselves from data piracy and hacker attacks on their devices. A healthy degree of alertness, as well as frequent updating and attention to approving access rights are essential. When buying a used smartphone, it should be reset to its default settings before the first use.

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Synamic Technologies receives funding for IT security project Patch Pilot

© Synamic Technologies

The subsidy program StartUpSecure of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports the product idea for automatized estimation and risk evaluation for vulnerabilities in IT.

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Secure cloud infrastructure with the push of a button

© meshcloud

Since April 1, 2020, meshcloud has been backed by the subsidy program StartUpSecure of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

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