LOEWE Top Professorship for Prof. Carsten Binnig


ATHENE researcher Prof. Carsten Binnig has been awarded a LOEWE Top Professorship at the TU Darmstadt. The state of Hesse is supporting the research project "Reasonable Artificial Intelligence (RAI)" as part of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments.

Current artificial intelligence (AI) systems still have many weaknesses: They lack the ability to think logically, have difficulty coping with new situations, need to be constantly adapted and require enormous resources. In the planned Cluster of Excellence "Reasonable Artificial Intelligence" under the leadership of TU Darmstadt, Prof. Binnig and his team will develop a new generation of AI-centred database systems that adapt automatically on the basis of pre-trained AI models and can also be easily operated by non-IT experts. The LOEWE professorship will provide around two million euros in funding over five years.

In ATHENE, Prof. Carsten Binnig coordinates the ATHENE research project Trustworthy Data Ecosystems (TRUDATA) together with Prof. Sebastian Faust, which focuses on open and secure ecosystems for data sharing.

Read more about the award of the LOEWE top professorship to Carsten Binnig.

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