Use-A-PQClib: Usable APIs for post-quantum cryptography libraries


CRISP-Researcher launches new research project

The working group User-Centered Security (UCS) headed by Prof. Andreas Heinemann, University of Darmstadt, is launching a new project. As part of the Use-A-PQClib project, the scientists, together with Darmstadt-based MTG AG, are designing and implementing an easy-to-use programming interface (API) for PQC procedures.

This API design is then integrated into related implementations. The goal is a common abstraction of classical and PQC methods. With the availability of a powerful quantum computer, this architecture should make it easy to exchange classical methods with PQC methods. Software developers are evaluating the usability of the new API. The project thus contributes to the so-called crypto-AIgility, which demands a simple and error-minimizing integration or the easy exchange of crypto procedures in IT security products.

The project has a term of 30 months and is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK) via the LOEWE funding line 3, SME Joint Projects.

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