4th Annual Conference on Cybersecurity

October 28, 2021

In the course of the ever increasing professionalisation of cyber-crime, protection against cyber-attacks is in focus worldwide. At the 4th Annual Conference on Cyber Security, the immensely high damage potential for business, politics and science will be outlined, risk scenarios named and solutions identified. The annual conference is organised by Convent in cooperation with Zeitverlag; ATHENE is one of the other cooperation partners. Prof. Michael Waidner, Director of ATHENE, and Dr. Haya Shulman, member of the ATHENE Board, will participate as speakers.

Around 350 high-ranking IT and data experts as well as security managers from corporations and large medium-sized companies, political institutions and scientific institutions are expected to come together with representatives of the hacker scene to discuss whether and how cybercrime can be brought under control. Together they will shed light on the powers behind cyberattacks.

Information on programme and registration

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