Block ciphers for the IoT - SIMON, SPECK, KATAN, LED, TEA, PRESENT, and SEA compared

AutorAppel, Michael; Bossert, Andreas; Cooper, Steven; Kußmaul, Tobias; Löffler, Johannes; Pauer, Christof; Wiesmaier, Alexander
AbstraktIn this paper we present 7 block cipher algorithms Simon, Speck, KATAN, LED, TEA, Present and Sea. Each of them gets a short introduction of their functions and it will be examined with regards to their security. We also compare these 7 block ciphers with each other and with the state of the art algorithm the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to see how efficient and fast they are to be able to conclude what algorithm is the best for which specific application.
SerieTechnical Report
PublisherTechnische Universität