CareCam: Towards user-tailored Interventions at the Workplace using a Webcam

AutorKraft, Dimitri; Schmidt, A.; Büttner, Lea; Oschinsky, Frederike Marie; Lambusch, F.; Laerhoven, K. von; Bieber, Gerald; Fellmann, M.
ArtConference Paper
AbstraktHigh visual and cognitive demands characterize computer work. Therefore, preventive, health-promoting support at the workplace plays a central role in the competitiveness of companies. The evaluation of camera images, e.g. with a simple webcam, offers the possibility of gaining health-relevant data and using them for corporate health management. We, therefore, present the CareCam, a concept that can be used to record various data such as blink rate, pulse rate and upper body posture at the workplace. These data allow conclusions to be drawn about the health burden at the workplace and can be used for personalized interventions or health-promoting recommendations. However, how the collected data can best be used for interventions to minimize health risks at the VDU (Visual Display Unit) workplace in the long term has not yet been clarified. Therefore, this work outlines a basic concept for health interventions at the VDU workplace based on camera data. We utilize the facial expression, blinking rate, eye distance to screen and upper body posture to provide a targeted reminder and use their frequency as a marker to provide targeted user-tailored interventions at the workplace using a simple webcam.
KonferenzInternational Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments 2022