Digitalisation and Communication: Societal Trends and the Change in Organisations — Preface

AutorReuter, Christian; Schultz, Tanjev; Stegbauer, Christian
AbstraktThe digitalisation of communication started as early as the 1980s. With the rise of the internet in the mid-90s the digitalisation process intensified; then it took on another dimension with the spread of social media and smartphones in the mid noughties. These new technologies are providing new possibilities that are unveiling, or rather, strengthening societal trends. What’s more, traditional forms of organisation are also being transformed at breakneck speed. This publication provides an overview of both developments: On the one hand we have societal developments such as the blurring of boundaries between real and digital worlds, constant connectivity, fake news, and social media outrage. On the other, we have the effects on traditional media, the workplace, schools, non-governmental organisations and sports.
SerieScience Policy Papers
InDigitalisation and Communication: Societal Trends and the Change in Organisations, p.1-1
PublisherMercator Science-Policy Fellowship-Programm