Introducing Proxy Voting to Helios

AutorKulyk, Oksana; Marky, Karola; Neumann, Stephan; Volkamer, Melanie
ArtConference Proceedings
AbstraktProxy voting is a form of voting, where the voters can either vote on an issue directly, or delegate their voting right to a proxy. This proxy might for instance be a trusted expert on the particular issue. In this work, we extend the widely studied end-to-end verifiable Helios Internet voting system towards the proxy voting approach. Therefore, we introduce a new type of credentials, so-called delegation credentials. The main purpose of these credentials is to ensure that the proxy has been authorised by an eligible voter to cast a delegated vote. If voters, after delegating, change their mind and want to vote directly, cancelling a delegation is possible throughout the entire voting phase. We show that the proposed extension preserves the security requirements of the original Helios system for the votes that are cast directly, as well as security requirements tailored toward proxy voting.
In11th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security - ARES 2016, p.98 - 106