SeedTree: A Dynamically Optimal and Local Self-Adjusting Tree

AutorPourdamghani, Arash; Avin, Chen; Sama, Robert; Schmid, Stefan
AbstraktWe consider the fundamental problem of designing a self-adjusting tree, which efficiently and locally adapts itself towards the demand it serves (namely accesses to the items stored by the tree nodes), striking a balance between the benefits of such adjustments (enabling faster access) and their costs (reconfigurations). This problem finds applications, among others, in the context of emerging demand-aware and reconfigurable datacenter networks and features connections to self-adjusting data structures. Our main contribution is SeedTree, a dynamically optimal self-adjusting tree which supports local (i.e., greedy) routing, which is particularly attractive under highly dynamic demands. SeedTree relies on an innovative approach which defines a set of unique paths based on randomized item addresses, and uses a small constant number of items per node. We complement our analytical results by showing the benefits of SeedTree empirically, evaluating it on various synthetic and real-world communication traces.