A Response to the European Data Protection Supervisor 'Misunderstandings in Biometrics' by the European Association for Biometrics

AutorBusch, Christoph; Czajka, Adam; Deravi, Farzin; Drozdowski, Pawel; Gomez-Barrero, Marta; Hasse, Georg; Henniger, Olaf; Kindt, Els; Kolberg, Jasch; Nouak, Alexander; Raja, Kiran; Ramachandra, Raghavendra; Rathgeb, Christian; Salomon, Jean; Veldhuis, Raymond
ArtJournal Article
AbstraktThe intention of this position paper is to comment on the joint European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)-Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (aepd) publication '14 Misunderstandings with regard to Biometric Identification and Authentication' that was published in June 2020 and to provide additional input to help with the better understanding of the issues raised in that publication. In particular, it aims to highlight some important missing information in the aforementioned publication. It is hoped that this paper will help with any future revision of the EDPS-aepd publication, such that it includes a full picture of the current state of the art in biometrics and the availability of standards and privacy enhancing techniques.