Animal Behavior for Chicken Identification and Monitoring the Health Condition Using Computer Vision: A Systematic Review

AutorBhuiyan, Roman; Wree, Philipp
ArtJournal Article
AbstraktPoultry farming needs to be productive and profitable if it is to help with food security issues like cost. To make money, economic management and the use of productivity standards like the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) calculation are essential. So, the best way to improve the performance of chickens is to use best management practices while they are growing. The paper also gives a broad overview of the vital ways in which recognized digital technologies are used to control the well-being of chickens. This review article gives a thorough look at the research, with a focus on sensor-based AI applications for analyzing chicken behavior and keeping track of their health. This study focused on the welfare of poultry because there are currently gaps in the literature regarding the development of universally accepted criteria for assessing poultry well-being and developing trustworthy monitoring strategies, most notably for the health of broiler chickens and the prevention of disease outbreaks. This paper is focused on the current condition of the smart farming and how to improve the smart farming sector using computer vision with IoT. The current and future operations for poultry management provide a huge opportunity for intelligent automation, which, if implemented, would make it possible to produce chicken that is both high-quality and affordable. As a result, this research provides a thorough analysis of the most cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) systems with Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities as well as their most recent developments in the creation of intelligent systems in this field. The paper also explores the benefits and problems that AI and IoT provide for chicken farming.