Capture and Replay: Reproducible Network Experiments in Mininet

AutorFrömmgen, Alexander; Stohr, Denny; Fornoff, Jan; Effelsberg, Wolfgang; Buchmann, Alejandro
ArtConference Proceedings
AbstraktNetwork emulations are widely used in the networking community. The network emulator Mininet recently gained popularity, as it allows running real Linux applications on top of an emulated network. The specification of the network includes the topology as well as static bandwidth, latency, and packet drops probability parameters. Even though evaluations with static parameters provide useful insights, real world measurements show dynamically changing bandwidths, posing special challenges that need to be addressed in network research. In this demo, we capture bandwidth traces in the wild and reproducibly replay these traces in Mininet. Our \emph{capture and replay} infrastructure consists of a Mininet extension for replaying bandwidth traces, a measurement Android app, as well as a graphical repository for bandwidth traces. We exemplary demonstrate this toolchain for reproducible DASH and Multipath TCP experiments.
InSIGCOMM '16 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGCOMM Conference, p.621-622