Checking the Integrity of Images with Signed Thumbnail Images

AutorSteinebach, Martin; Jörg, Sebastian; Liu, Huajian
ArtJournal Article
AbstraktThe integrity of images is an important and interesting fieldof research, since digital images are constantly encountered in everyday life today. The availability of image processing programsmakes it possible for almost anyone to manipulate images withoutgreat effort. With the help of social media platforms, the hurdlefor their distribution to a very large number of viewers has alsobeen lowered. As a result, confidence in the integrity and authenticity of images, which was even stronger at the time of analoguephotography, is dwindling.The aim of this work is to develop and investigate a concept that counteracts the lost trust and creates an opportunity tocheck the integrity of processed images. The concept is based ona combination of signed thumbnails and the logging of possiblep rocessing steps. We show that this combination has advantagescompared to the existing approaches.
KonferenzAnnual Symposium on Electronic Imaging, Science and Technology 2020