Comparison of Lightweight Stream Ciphers: MICKEY 2.0, WG-8, Grain and Trivium

AutorDiedrich, Lennart; Jattke, Patrick; Murati, Lulzim; Senker, Matthias; Wiesmaier, Alexander
AbstraktIn this paper we compare four lightweight stream ciphers, MICKEY 2.0, WG-8, Grain and Trivium, which can be used for data encryption in the Internet of Things. At first we provide a brief overview of each algorithm. This includes their basic functional principle, their different specifications, possible hardware implementations and their complexity. We conclude the overview with a short security evaluation. Finally, we provide a comparison of the algorithms pointing out differences, similarities and their applicability in the Internet of Things.
SerieTechnical Report
PublisherTechnische Universität