Context, Prioritization, and Unexpectedness: Factors Influencing User Attitudes About Infographic and Comic Consent

AutorDoan, Xengie Cheng; Selzer, Annika; Rossi, Arianna; Botes, Wilhelmina Maria; Lenzini, Gabriele
ArtConference Paper
AbstraktBeing asked to consent to data sharing is a ubiquitous experience in digital services - yet it is very rare to encounter a well designed consent experience. Considering the momentum and importance of a European data space where personal information freely and easily flows across organizations, sectors and Member States, solving the long-discussed thorny issue of "how to get consent right" cannot be postponed any further. In this paper, we describe the first findings from a study based on 24 semi-structured interviews investigating participants’ expectations and opinions toward consent in a data sharing scenario with a data trustee. We analyzed various dimensions of a consent form redesigned as a comic and an infographic, including language, information design, content and the writer-reader relationship. The results provide insights into the complexity of elements that should be considered when asking individuals to freely and mindfully disclose their data, especially sensitive information.
KonferenzInternational Workshop on Consent Management in Online Services, Networks and Things 2022