LoT: a Reputation-based Trust System for Long-term Archiving

AutorVigil, Martín; Demirel, Denise; Habib, Sheikh Mahbub; Hauke, Sascha; Buchmann, Johannes; Mühlhäuser, Max
ArtConference Proceedings
AbstraktDigital archiving systems are necessary to store documents for several years, such as electronic health records. However, security breaches in these systems may allow attackers to tamper with archived documents without being noticed. To address this threat, standardized archiving systems require a public key infrastructure, where a time-stamp authority is trusted to date and sign stored documents periodically. However, in practice a time-stamp authority may not be fully trustworthy, allowing an attacker to forge documents. Thus, in this paper, we introduce a novel reputation-based trust system for time-stamping-based archiving called Long-term evaluation of Trust (LoT), which alleviates the required trust assumptions. This makes LoT an important contribution to realize trust and security management for digital archiving systems using public key infrastructures. We implemented LoT showcasing its applicability to electronic health records and demonstrate its efficacy by simulations.
InSECURWARE 2016, p.262-270
PublisherThinkmind Digital Library