Perceptual Navigation in Absorption-Scattering Space

AutorGigilashvili, Davit; Urban, Philipp; Thomas, Jean-Baptiste; Pedersen, Marius; Hardeberg, Jon Yngve
ArtConference Paper
AbstraktTranslucency optically results from subsurface light transport and plays a considerable role in how objects and materials appear. Absorption and scattering coefficients parametrize the distance a photon travels inside the medium before it gets absorbed or scattered, respectively. Stimuli produced by a material for a distinct viewing condition are perceptually non-uniform w.r.t. these coefficients. In this work, we use multi-grid optimization to embed a non-perceptual absorption-scattering space into a perceptually more uniform space for translucency and lightness. In this process, we rely on A (alpha) as a perceptual translucency metric. Small Euclidean distances in the new space are roughly proportional to lightness and apparent translucency differences measured with A. This makes picking A more practical and predictable, and is a first step toward a perceptual translucency space.
KonferenzColor Imaging Conference (CIC) 2021