Perceptually Optimizing Color Look-up Tables

AutorReinhard, Johann; Urban, Philipp
ArtJournal Article
AbstraktThe quality of ICC profiles with embedded look-up tables (LUTs) depends on multiple factors: 1. the accuracy of the optical printer model, 2. the exploitation of the available gamut combined with the quality of the gamut mapping approach encoded in the B2A-LUTs (backwards LUTs) and 3. the tonal smoothness as well color accuracy of the backwards LUTs. It can be shown that optimizing the smoothness of the LUTs comes at the expense of color accuracy and requires gamut reduction because of internal tonal edges. We present a method to optimize backwards LUTs of existing ICC profiles w.r.t accuracy, smoothness, gamut exploitation and mapping, which can be extended beyond color, e.g. to joint color and translucency backward LUTs. The approach is based on a perceptual difference metric that is used to optimize the LUT’s tonal smoothness constrained to preserve both the accuracy of and the relationship between colors.