Pretty Understandable Democracy - A Secure and Understandable Internet Voting Scheme

AutorBudurushi, Jurlind; Neumann, Stephan; Olembo, Maina; Volkamer, Melanie
ArtConference Proceedings
AbstraktInternet voting continues to raise interest. A large number of Internet voting schemes are available, both in use, as well as in research literature. While these schemes are all based on different security models, most of these models are not adequate for high-stake elections. Furthermore, it is not known how to evaluate the understandability of these schemes (although this is important to enable voters' trust in the election result). Therefore, we propose and justify an adequate security model and criteria to evaluate understandability. We also describe an Internet voting scheme, Pretty Understandable Democracy, show that it satisfies the adequate security model and that it is more understandable than Pretty Good Democracy, currently the only scheme that also satisfies the proposed security model.
In8th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (AReS 2013), p.198-207