Social media in conflicts and crises

AutorReuter, Christian; Stieglitz, Stefan; Imran, Muhammad
ArtJournal Article
AbstraktThe growing importance of social media in conflicts and crises is accompanied by an ever-increasing research interest in the crisis informatics field in order to identify potential benefits and develop measures against the technology's abuse. This special issue sets out to give an overview of current research on the use of social media in conflicts and crises. In doing so, it focuses on both good and malicious aspects of social media and includes a variety of papers of conceptual, theoretical and empirical nature. In six sections, the special issue presents an overview of the field, analytical methods, technical challenges, current advancements and the accepted papers before concluding. Specific topics range from cyber deception over information trustworthiness to mining and near-real-time processing of social media data.
InBehaviour & Information Technology (BIT), p.241-251
PublisherTaylor & Francis