Time-Reversal-Symmetric Single-Photon Wave Packets for Free-Space Quantum Communication

AutorTrautmann, N.; Alber, G.; Agarwal, G. S.; Leuchs, G.
ArtJournal Article
AbstraktReadout and retrieval processes are proposed for efficient, high-fidelity quantum state transfer between a matter qubit, encoded in the level structure of a single atom or ion, and a photonic qubit, encoded in a time-reversal-symmetric single-photon wave packet. They are based on controlling spontaneous photon emission and absorption of a matter qubit on demand in free space by stimulated Raman adiabatic passage. As these processes do not involve mode selection by high-finesse cavities or photon transport through optical fibers, they offer interesting perspectives as basic building blocks for free-space quantum-communication protocols
InPhysical Review Letters
PublisherAPS Physics