TrustEV: Trustworthy Electric Vehicle Charging and Billing

AutorFuchs, Andreas; Kern, Dustin; Krauß, Christoph; Zhdanova, Maria
ArtConference Paper
AbstraktIn the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, vehicles authenticate themselves for charging and billing using Plug-and-Charge (PnC) protocols such as ISO 15118 and the respective cryptographic credentials stored in the vehicle. These credentials are an attractive target for adversaries and must be protected against illegitimate access and misuse. However, PnC standards currently demand only some basic protection of the data transfer and do not specify any system security requirements. In this paper, we propose TrustEV, a security architecture for secure provisioning, storage and usage of ISO 15118 credentials in an EV based on the TrustedPlatform Module (TPM) 2.0. Our approach can be integrated into ISO 15118 requiring only minimal changes in the protocol's standard and is compatible with its second edition ISO 15118-20. It also assures backwards compatibility in case a component does not support TrustEV. We implemented and evaluated TrustEV to show the feasibility of our approach.
KonferenzSymposium on Applied Computing (SAC) 2020