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One of the most successful locations for cyber startups

Spin-offs and foundations of cyber startups have a long and successful tradition in Darmstadt. In the last five years alone, we have intensively accompanied and successfully supported 20 startup projects in their application for StartUpSecure funding. In total, our industry circle around the ATHENE Digital Hub Cybersecurity includes more than 100 startups, 50 of which are in the inner circle.

Our Startups

Our innovation community consists of a growing and highly innovative ecosystem, centered around our cybersecurity startups with identity/access solutions, solutions for secure software development or secure clouds, quantum computing resistant security, enterprise architecture scanners, secure collaboration tools, security for the Internet of Things, intellectual property protection or out-of-the-box security, and much more.

We introduce you to startups from the ecosystem on this page and invite you to connect with them as a customer, investor or partner. The page will be updated continuously. If you are looking for solutions that are not yet shown here, just contact us. 


The Stuttgart-based startup asvin develops and distributes "BeeHive", a solution for software supply chain security in IoT and IIoT.


BAUTA revolutionizes optical data collection - according to the motto: The best way to protect sensitive data is to prevent it from being created in the first place! For this purpose, the team has developed an optical measurement method with which personal data can be collected 100% anonymously with the assistance of Deep Neural Networks.

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence supports companies in simplifying their software testing process. The solution - the CI Security Suite - makes security testing more efficient for experts and enables developers without IT security expertise to perform continuous automated security and reliability testing. Thus, the development process can be accelerated, and continuous quality management can be realized.

Edgeless Systems

Edgeless Systems develops leading open source solutions to make confidential computing easy to use and scalable. With its technology, data always remains encrypted - even at runtime - and the integrity of all workloads is 100% verifiable. In this way, Edgeless Systems provides verifiable protection against unauthorized access and makes it possible to process sensitive data in the cloud without having to trust the cloud provider.


The Jena-based Startup offers automated security monitoring of IT infrastructure. 

They were funded by the BMBF's StartUpSecure program.


IT-Seal specializes in providing IT security awareness training. Using innovative technologies, IT-Seal trains employees of medium-sized and large companies to effectively recognize and ward off risks in the area of IT security. Companies thus strengthen their "human" firewall and establish a sustainable security culture to efficiently arm themselves against cyber risks.

They were funded by the StartUpSecure program of the BMBF.


LINK2AI supports companies as they enter the future with AI. Always secure, controllable and business-relevant.

With LINK2AI.Consult, we support the implementation of AI projects. With LINK2AI.Monitor, we monitor and protect our customers' AI applications.

Our interdisciplinary team has outstanding expertise and successfully develops business solutions. The fusion of the latest AI trends with the technologies already established in companies gives our customers a strong competitive advantage.


LocateRisk makes cybersecurity measurable and examines any company from the perspective of an external attacker.

They were funded by the StartUpSecure program of the BMBF.


meshcloud reduces cloud complexity - the biggest challenge of cloud transformation.

They were funded by the StartUpSecure program of the BMBF.

QuantiCor Security

QuantiCor Security is an innovative cybersecurity startup that provides quantum computing-resistant security solutions for the Internet of Things. With its solution, QuantiCor protects IoT applications in a heterogeneous and dynamic environment in automotive, industry 4.0, finance or cloud, among others.

They were funded by the StartUpSecure program of the BMBF.

Quantum Optics Jena

The goal of Quantum Optics Jena is none less than to be part of the upcoming quantum revolution and deliver customized advanced photon sources and quantum optical systems.

They are currently funded by the StartUpSecure program of the BMBF.


SANCTUARY secures the software supply chain of embedded devices with its unique zero-trust technology. Their proactive and cost-effective cyber-attack mitigation solution protects devices in the Industrial IoT, automotive and aerospace industries.

They are currently funded by the BMBF's StartUpSecure program.


The Hamburg-based startup Tenzir makes security operations plug-and-play. The team enables cyber defenders to map threat hunting, investigation and response use cases with an open, sustainable architecture. Companies, service providers and MDR providers benefit from the dramatically reduced TCO when connecting numerous security tools.

Trufflepig Forensics

Trufflepig Forensics develops an analysis platform to support IT forensics. The software allows the reliable production of a memory image of the seized or attacked computer and the court-proof logging of all actions of the forensic expert. The forensic process is thus significantly accelerated and at the same time resilient results are produced.

They were funded by the StartUpSecure program of the BMBF.


Easily verifiable digital identities based on blockchain - TrustCerts is the European verification service based on innovative blockchain technology. DSGVO-compliant, forgery-proof and neutrally verifiable both as a cloud solution and on-premises.


TRUSTDBLE empowers organizations to unleash the full potential of their data. The team believes that data collaboration holds great opportunities for companies to revolutionize their business models and enter new markets. The TrustDBle platform builds on the latest research and technologies to enable secure and controlled data collaboration across enterprise boundaries.

They are currently funded by the BMBF's StartUpSecure program.


The team at VUSC has developed an app scanner for a secure IT landscape. The scanner is designed to allow companies to check their apps, including all third-party components, for vulnerabilities during the development phase.

They are currently funded by the BMBF's StartUpSecure program.


XignSys develops the next generation of strong authentication, e-signatures, transactions and digital identities for web, smart city, IoT and real world applications. With the completely password-less authentication variant via smartphone and the elimination of additional hardware, XignSys combines the highest requirements for security, usability and flexibility.