A Cryptographic Analysis of the TLS 1.3 draft-10 Full and Pre-shared Key Handshake Protocol
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Sprache: English
[Journal Article]

Security Proofs for Participation Privacy and Stronger Verifiability for Helios
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Sprache: English

LINCOS - A Storage System Providing Long-Term Integrity, Authenticity, and Confidentiality (Full Paper)
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Sprache: English
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Post-Quantum Attribute-Based Signatures from Lattice Assumptions
El Bansarkhani, Rachid; El Kaafarani, Ali
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Sprache: English
[Journal Article]

Revisiting the Hybrid Attack: Improved Analysis and Refined Security Estimates
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Sprache: English
[Journal Article]

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Advanced Remote Firmware Upgrades Using TPM 2.0
Andreas Fuchs; Christoph Krauß; Jürgen Repp
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[Conference Proceedings]

Evaluation of Lightweight TPMs for Automotive Software Updates over the Air
Richard Petri; Markus Springer; Daniel Zelle; Ira McDonald; Andreas Fuchs; Christoph Krauß
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Zur Benutzbarkeit der AusweisApp2
Jörg Willomitzer; Andreas Heinemann; Marian Margraf
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Usability-Untersuchung eines Papierprototypen für eine mobile Online-Ausweisfunktion des Personalausweises
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Ludo - kids playing Distributed Denial of Service
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