Multi-biometric continuous authentication. A trust model for an asynchronous system

AutorDamer, Naser; Maul, Fabian; Busch, Christoph
ArtConference Paper
AbstraktBiometric technologies are used to grant specific users access to services and data. The access control is usually performed at the start of a session that spans over a period of time. Continuous authentication aims at insuring the identity of the user over this period of time, and not only at its start. Multi-biometrics aims at increasing the accuracy, robustness and usability of biometrics systems. This work presents a multibiometric continuous authentication solution that includes information from the face images and the keystroke dynamics of the user. A database representing a realistic scenario was collected to develop and evaluate the presented solution. A multi-biometric trust model was designed to cope with the asynchronous nature induced by the different biometric characteristics. A set of performance metrics are discussed and a comparison is presented between the performances of the single characteristic solutions and the fused solution.
KonferenzInternational Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION) <19, 2016, Heidelberg>
ReferenzInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-: 19th International Conference on Information Fusion, FUSION 2016. Proceedings: Heidelberg, 5-8 July 2016. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2016, pp. 2192-2199
SchlüsselISBN : 9780996452748