Preprocessing of Terrain Data in the Cloud using a Workflow Management System

AutorKaster, Marvin; Würz, Hendrik Martin
ArtConference Paper
AbstraktThe preparation of terrain data for web visualization is time-consuming. We model the problem as a scientific workflow that can be executed by a workflow management system (WMS) in a cloud-based environment. Such a workflow management system provides easy access to the almost unlimited resources of cloud infrastructure and still allows a lot of freedom in the implementation of tasks. We take advantage of this and optimize the computation of individual tiles in the created level of detail (LOD) structure, as well as the scheduling of tasks in the scientific workflow. This enables us to utilize allocated resources very efficiently and improve computation time. In the evaluation, we analyze the impact of different storage endpoints, the number of threads, and the number of tasks on the run time. We show that our approach scales well and outperforms our previous work based on the framework GeoTrellis considerably (Krämer et al., 2020).
KonferenzInternational Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications 2022